Sunday, September 11, 2011

9 - 11 Remembrance Blog Hop

Welcome to a blog hop devoted to the remembrance of the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11th.
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The terrorist attack against our nation, which happened a decade ago, is a long time for some.  However for many, the day feels all too close. The deeply seared memories of the human sufferings and acts of heroism, which took place on that day, changed our nation.

The nation was in shock when terrorists decided to hijack our airplanes and turn them into weapons.  It was beyond anyone’s belief that something so horrific could happen on our own soil.  It would be one thing if it were just the destruction of the Twin Towers or damage to the Pentagon and a field in Shanksville, PA, but almost 3,000 people perished, from the attack, leaving a scar on the soul of America.

Americans came together as one, in the emotional aftermath of 9-11. We were united by grief, had compassion for those who died along with their families, and showed loyalty to our country.

Please join the country in a moment of silence on Sunday morning, at 8:46 (Eastern Time). This should be a time to reflect on what we all lost, as well as on the courage and common purpose that lived and still resides, deep within the American people.

Ten of us blogging friends would like you to join in this day of remembrance, by stopping by each blog to see a project made for the tenth anniversary of 9-11.

If you get lost along the way, here is the lineup:
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   Now for my contribution:  As I prepared for this layout I problem..I knew what I wanted to say,  I had my elements rounded up for it..then as I sat down to do it, all of those emotions came flooding back..It truly felt like I was standing back and watching myself react to the film footage on TV..  My layout is basic..I mean how can you gussy up a layout that represents, death, heartache, lives lost?   It is my goal to follow it with a layout that shows perseverance and fortitude and a nation coming together..It will come, but for this blog it is about remembering.
    The first page shows the towers before and the journaling is how I felt at that moment..It says: " Like most everyone, I remember exactly where I was the minute the plane crashed into the tower.  Standing in the Commons area of The Inn at Fox Run where I was working..  One particular gentleman, Don, age 65 and a stroke patient started crying because he was afraid he would be called up to go to war.
    The devastation was almost to much to bear.  We were fixed to the TV like strong magnets were holding us in place.
    I can't even begin to imagine the emotions of those who lost loved ones."

 My second page shows a picture of the first hit, next a smaller picture of my first layout , a picture of the flag flying at ground zero showing that America is strong and will continue to fight and that we will rebuild and learn from this travesty.  The FLAG is our sign of HOPE!  Then there is a picture of Bin Laden  saying that he is believed to have been responsible for all of this.  It says he was captured, killed and buried at sea this year, 10 years later, or so we are told.  I didn't see a dead body, did you?
I struggled even putting his picture on here..No double matting, no nothing..just white cardstock so I could journal..I didn't want to give him anything but unfortunately he is a principal reason this happened..The statue of liberty I received from another group in a swap..

I will also be offering blog candy.  Please  leave me a way to contact you. I will choose the winner through Random.Org and announce the winner by Tuesday, Sept. 13th.

Disclaimer:  The pictures I used are from People magazine and are being used for a strictly PERSONAL use in my layouts for my albums.. No money is going to made from this layout.
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Anita Braddock said...

WOW Thanks for your wonderful job on what was a very sad day in our History you have givin us a great Thanks for the great tribute to all. thanks for sharing

Patti Ross said...

You did an amazing job on this layout. This hop is a humbling tribute - no one should forget.

Patti Ross

lorby said...

Beautiful and touching. I agree with you it being hard to put something like this together and add all the bling to it. My project was simple like yours without the bling too.

Doris P. said...

beautiful!! I can't imagine what that was like for that gentlemen! bless his heart. I will be buying this magazine as a rememberance as well! doris

Josie0602 said...

Wonderful tribute to that terrible day. This hop is bringing back the same emotions I felt that day...sadness for our country and the families affected and pride for all the wonderful people that live in the USA.

Imogene said...

am a new follower!!

Michelle F. said...

Lovely ! Sad ! Poignant ! Great job!

Michelle F. said...

Michelle F


LyndaJinCO said...

Wonderful project, thanks for letting me hop with you!

Lynne said...

I can understand how hard it was to do a tribute as all the feelings and emotions come rolling in and you remember exactly everything that happened that day. Thank you for the tribute and a privilege to hop with you.
Her Craftiness

Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

Great job... thanks for sharing your personal tribute with all of us.

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Scrappin' Sista said...

I love how you created this layout. It's wonderfully put together. I really love how you didn't give tribute to Bin Laden. Amazing my dear!

Thanks for sharing such wonderful inspiration and the chance to win.

askscrappinsista (at) hotmail (dot) com

Tambo said...
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Tambo said...

Vicki, first thank you for joining in on this hop today. I think that it was very emotional and one that none of us got our normal fix of joy of making our projects, due to the circumstances. You still did a wonderful job of your representation of the event and the emotion that you still feel today about it. tfs Tami

Nicole said...

What a beautiful commemoration and historical record. I love that you showed the flag as a sign of hope. I am honored to be a part of this Blog Hop today. It is only by the grace of God that I held it together in front of my first grade class that fateful day. Thank you for sharing your remembrance piece.


Pat N. said...

Well done.--Pat N.

Kathy's Kreative Spot said...

Great tribute for a tragic day that changed the life of a whole country.
Katsews at gmail dotcom

Jenny said...

What a great project about such a sad day. TFS

jennykingham at att dot net

joydee1963 said...

Wonderful lo.joydee1963 at yahoo dot com

Theresa said...

You did a great job on your pages. Thank you for sharing your LO with us!

Carla said...

I think you did a beautiful job on your layouts. I can't imagine how hard it must be to sit down and purposely remember all those feelings and fear that we all experienced that day. Thank you so much for sharing your project. or

Cathy said...

So true is the fact that watching the 9/11 day unfold for most of us was scary and heartbreaking, but I can not imagine watching, knowing a loved one was actually there in the buildings, as they came tumbling down. thank you for your tribute through a wonderful Layout.
mexicopetshop at hotmail dot com

WAM Family said...

Wonderful Job on those layout pages. TFS

God Bless you and all in the world who have lost loved ones through Acts of Terror, Acts of War or any Act of Hate and Malice.


Alisha said...

Great project. I love how you put it all together. Such a sad day.

SueNJ said...

Vicki.... I thank you for sharing this layout and think it came out amazing. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Happy Scrappin'

Sue B

Janet said...

Beautiful commeration of that day. beautiful presentation,
Huge Blog Hugs! *Janet*

Brittney said...

Great Work

Christine said...

Thank you for sharing your tribute to 9/11 - the day that changed all our lives.

Anna said...

Great job Vicki. Just wonderful.
I'm a new follower.
Thanks for the chance to win.
http: // mamawann. blogspot. com/
annadowdy at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Beautiful layout.
BobbisTreasure at

Edwina said...

Thank you for sharing. I am afraid I agree win you on that man. I do like your pages ,especially the first one. I appericate your tribute to that day. Edwina Brown

scrappingmamma said...

Wow such a fabulous project!! .... I love your layout!
What a beautiful tribute to 9-11 and all of the fallen, & Our Hero's , What a super idea for a blog hop .
Deborah { scrappingmamma }

Lori Apgar said...

What a great way to remember this awful day! I love how you refused to mat "his" photo!!

Lisa said...

Your project is great. I love the fact that you showcased the before and the after. I think the flag is the greatest symbol to show our love and pride for our country and the people in it.
top29gun at gmail dot com

Suzanne said...

This is a very moving blog hop as is your project. Would love to invite you to enter your project in the 9-11 challenge at Sweet Sassy Diva Your project is a wonderful tribute. Hope you will join the first challenge on SSD.