Monday, May 14, 2012

Mini Albums blog hop 5/14 ONLY

Welcome to the Memories in Tyme blog hops - where you will find some seriously talented people who love to share their ideas with you! Our hop today and tomorrow is anything relating to mini albums - doesn’t matter the size as long as it’s mini and it’s an album!!! This is Lynda’s favorite project - making mini albums - where you can take a set of pictures and scrapbook them and complete a project in a day or less! Great for gifts for special people. Just fun to showcase a trip, birthday or even a shower !

Now, if you just happened upon my blog, then please go back to the beginning which is at Lynda’s blog ( Besides, the beginning is always the best anyway!!!

Here is my mini album and why it was created:

 I work with Developmentally Disabled adults, high functioning and it is hard at Christmas to help them come up with Christmas gifts for their immediate family due to the fact of limited income.  We try to make nice things that we think the ladies, at least, will like.  This past Christmas we made toilet paper roll albums and my guys thoroughly enjoyed it.

 One gentleman is 49 and the other is 34.  They both enjoy scrapbooking and we do alot of it!  In fact I scrap more for them than I do myself!  lol  However, they pick their papers and embellishments and do most of the adhering.  I do alot of the cutting.  It is really fun to see their faces light up when they finish a page or one of these projects.
 I think you can see we alternated the color of inking to give more contrast.  We added a tag with ribbon to the opening of each roll and I purchased the rings at the local craft store.  We could have used ribbon to put them together but the rings make it much easier to turn the pages.
 Needless to say all the ladies loved their albums and they were excited to find out that they were pretty much made by my guys!  I really only worked in an instructor sort of way and stapled the ribbons to the tags.  The guys handled pretty much everything else.
 I put off making these albums because I was intimidated and lacked confidence that I could do well but I have found that they are a wonderful idea, gift and opportunity to help build confidence and excitement for those who are challenged.  They were so proud of their finished products!

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 Next up on the hop is, Lisa make sure you check out her fun project!!!


Lynda Jeffs said...

Vicki - I absolutely love the story behind the project - and as I type tears are rolling down my face... What a wonderful way to help others - even though you might not see it... I totally love the project and will have to play myself! Expect me to bug you for directions for sure!

Darla Haverstock said...

This turned out fantastic!!!! What a great project to do with them

Anonymous said...

Very inspirational project and story behind this album. You are truly doing great things. Thanks for sharing!!

Amy said...

Oh, Vicki -- I think you know how much I love your projects ALWAYS... But even more than that, I simply LOVE reading about the story BEHIND your projects -- You've done it again!! You've captivated me with the cause behind these minis -- Your kindness and generosity certainly shine through in your post!! :) Thanks for sharing...

Amy :) at

Bhawana said...

I am touched. You have so much efforts in making them and I am happy that people there loved them.

Suzanne said...

I am sure these minis are much appreciated and loved. They are gorgeous.

Lori Apgar said...

What a great gift idea for some great people to make and give!! This has to be the best part of your job!!! Thanks for sharing your story with us!!

rlovew said...

What a lovely album and it was fabulous to hear about the guys and their creating.

ScrapMyWay said...

This posting was so inspiring from start to finish. Your project is terrific but the story behind it is even more touching and worth every moment of our time to read it. Thanks for sharing your talents and on behalf of those who can't express their gratitude, T H A N K S !!!
Creative Wishes,
Claire S.

Anita said...

Fantastic story and great project.You are doing so much for those you help.Hugs, Anita

Miriam said...

What a lovely project. My husband and I work in the same field and I appreciate the work that you do, and the obvious love and effort you bring to it!