Thursday, October 6, 2011

Parsley Pickers!!

Many of you already know that I am a nature it from my momma, can't help it , I just love all things nature.  If you have been following me I am sure you have seen the pics from the Eli-boy's and my summer watching a mud dauber construct her nest.  Well, here is another episode in the life of the Rayburn Nature Center..

I came home from shopping with Annie and this is what I found at the base of a parsley plant I had sitting on my piano:

Now I thought that Bret Michael, our cat, had gotten up there and had been chewing on it.  I took it outside to the sunshine to see how much damage had actually been done and this is what I found...

There are THREE of them and this is what they have done to the center and top of my parsley plant! 

Those boogers have completely stripped the center of the plant. Needless to say they are now OUTSIDE and finishing it off.    I enjoy looking at all of God's creations but that does not mean that I want to live with them!  lol   But the damage is done so why not let them enjoy their smorgasbord?

Anyone know the name of these critters?  The irony is that I spent all summer checking my tomato plants to make sure there were no tomato worms only to walk in my front door and find these guys chowing down IN MY HOUSE!!  You have to admit that they are attractive tho don't cha think??

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Jens Craft Corner said...

That would totally freak me out! I have no idea what type of caterpillar those are, but they belong outside! Good thing you found that. Better luck with your indoor plants.