Sunday, January 31, 2010


When I married my husband I promised myself that I would not have ANY mother-in-law problems..I knew up front that I couldn't compete with her and I didn't want to..
Unfortunately I only had 5 years with her before she passed away but in those 5 years we never had a cross word.
I got tired of listening to all the negative comments that people would share about their in laws and I really didn't want all of that negative energy in my life.
Fast forward about 35 years to 2003 and we are at my daughter's wedding..Now I am asking myself if I can do the same for my Son-in-law. The next year my son married and I asked myself the same about my daughter-in-law.
While on the phone with her the other night I was expressing how much I loved her and Alan(sil) and how blessed I felt because we all get along so great. There is mutual respect and we just flat out get along!
She said to me.."It is funny you should say that because just the other night I was thinking the same thing about you and Jim." There it was! Validation that I was keeping my word and it was working!!
So today I am blessed for sure. I have a great relationship with both Alan and Monica and I am working hard to keep it that way!!

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