Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010..What happened to Y2K????

It really doesn't seem that long ago that everyone was in a tizzy over the Y2K ordeal at the changing of the century and here it is 10 years later!!
2009 was not that bad of a year for us but just not that great of one either. I am going to hang on to the positive tho and just go from there.
Nov 4Th Everett was born to Luke and Monica and he is just the best baby! So content. I think he is going to be the tall one tho because he is long and skinny even tho mom is nursing him. Nolan is going to take after her I think and be not so tall. Daddy is 6' 5" but Mommy is just about 5'6".
I bought his little onsie and it says.."Who needs SANTA when I have Grandma!" We had a great Christmas and now it is on to the new year.
I resolved to not make any resolutions any more because I cannot keep them for some reason. I do have goals tho to be more organized and thoughtful. I really want to try to send cards for Birthdays and Anniversaries as well as just plain Thinking of You cards to brighten someones day unexpectedly.
Wouldn't I love to get my house painted inside and carpets replaced and wallpaper removed??? But that all takes money, so short of winning the lottery I am going to have to pick up more hours or start selling some of the stuff around here I no longer need.
I wish you all a very happy 2010!!! I will be praying that God will be close to my friends, to protect them and bless them.

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