Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hives!! What good are they?

For many years now I am blessed with hives in the winter!! I am sure it is stress. My DH is a concrete man and not much pouring during that time. I am not inclined to worry because he does more than enough for both of us!!

I just find it amazing that your body know what to do to get you to slow down...Itching is NOT fun, I don't care what anyone says. The sad part is that the scratching actually feels REALLY good..its the aftermath of the scratching that is awful. It hurts, it stings and the bumps just keep getting bigger and bigger..

I usually can talk myself out of them..take some deep breaths and tell myself to relax and they will usually subside and eventually go away..I learned this technique years ago when after about 4 winter seasons of having my mom take me to the ER where they would inject adrenaline making my body just shake uncontrollably and watching her cry as her daughter's body shook out of control....I decided that I needed to TAKE control and not put her through that again.

This year however..I was in a very high stressed state. I was giving my notice at work and knew they were going to fight me, which they did, but I survived...worrying about not having a big wait between paychecks (we need money to run this place! lol) and my baby girl is graduating and wanting to go 2 1/2 hours away to college and my husband is absolutely having a cow!! And of course I get his wrath because I will not discourage her from going.. I think she should experience life on campus away from us but just not tooo far..Hey..she has worked hard for her grades and GPA and I think she will thrive..

So anyway, I took Benedryl with made me sleepy so the DR recommended Ativan which put me OUT!!! Finally we decided upon Zyrtec because it does not have the sleep ingredients and I finally got through them..I think....

I had these hives for two weeks solid and took the Zyrtec finally for 5 days..but I ran out and there are a couple die-hard snots that want to hang around and try to get me stirred up again! Soooo, I am going to bed! And first thing tomorrow I am heading to the drugstore to get some more Zyrtec!!! LOL!! Maybe my age is making it harder to concentrate!! LOL.

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