Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Post # 2 for the day

I took the Ju-Ju out to catch her bus this morning and when I opened the door to come back in this caught my eye!! I don't know how we kept from knocking it off it is so close to the door but we didn't.
Anyone who knows me understands that nature fascinates think that this locust fit into that shell is just amazing. Because the wings are green I know that i has just hatched and is drying it's wings which will later turn black and at the bottom of each wing there will be lines that are in the shape of a "Z". If you look close you will see where the eyes were in the shell and the legs are so so thin. Yet it will take some care to pull the shell off of the is in for the long haul! lol.. A couple years ago I had taken one of my clients to the park and we were sitting in a double swing just enjoying the breeze when I looked down and saw something crawling out of the ground leaving behind a perfect circle hole! It was a locust and it began it's trek to the tree to develop it's shell so it's wings could form. As it approached the tree I noticed that the tree was covered with shells, some broken open, some still inside and yet others that had come out and were drying their new wings!! We got to see ALL the stages right there on that one tree!! It was incredible! Well, Rae Lynn wasn't amused but I sure was!! LOL!!
Each year when the kids were smaller they would take the empty shells into school for show and tell. The Lord knows that I love nature and he sends me treats all the time..For example..last week I was headed to Robert's and sitting outside the corn field in the tall grass was a RED FOX, bathing!! And then Monday I was standing at Kevin's kitchen sink looking out the window at the cornfield that backed up to their property and saw a very young Doe and right behind her were two Spotted Fawn!!! All of these live in my fences, no admission price, just running free....AWESOME!!!! Thank you Lord for your creations!

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