Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am blessed!

I know that Katie has talked to you all about her client's mother who is morbidly the tune of close to 600 pounds...What I don't know is if she has told you the role she has taken while assisting Abe's mom with appointments for the bariatric clinic..They have an older van but it has to be driven to get her anywhere and Kate has given her time to see to it that she gets to every meeting, appointment, test, name it..and she has stayed with her through it all and then brought her back home.
She has become an advocate for obese people in that she let the bariatric clinic know about the fact that all of their patients are large and yet they have normal doors that even their wheelchairs won't go through!
She has requested prayer at church and with anyone she knows who prays to ask the Lord to let Sue live through this and with minimal complications. She realizes that without the surgery she is probably going to die anyway.
Kate has prayed with her on numerous occasions and has assisted the family with things that do not fall under the job description.I am so proud of her! She really gets it! She really understands what God put us here for and that of course is to be of service to others.
So please pray that God will protect Sue and that she will feel the Holy Spirit comforting her through out this process. Pray for Katie..she is going through her own physical issues that no doctor can seem to find the fix for, yet she gives of herself to help others . Pray for Sue's husband who doesn't handle things like this well. Pray for Abe who is mostly bound to his wheelchair too. This is his mother and well, moms just have a bond with their kids that makes it tough for the kids to endure times like these.
I think I shared last month that my son, Luke called and said he had gotten saved at church...Well, he is enjoying his church to much and this past weekend was my "Date Night" gift to him and Monica and my "Playtime" with my grandson, Nolan. I spent the night and went to church with him in the morning and then Katie and Annie came down for the evening service where they had a Singspiration. Katie sang two songs and I can not even begin to express the feelings and emotions that I went through that evening.
I had to take the Eli-boy down to the nursery so I ended up sitting in the back for the rest of the evening and I was able to see my son and my daughters and I thanked God so many times because I have been soooo blessed. Katie uses her God given talent for the Lord. She never takes it for granted or takes credit for her voice, only giving credit to God. When she finished her second song...she got a standing ovation!! I had never seen that before in a church!
The people were so much so that one of Luke's friends called him the next day and said.."I know you said your sister sang like a bird but I had NO clue she was so good. I really felt the Spirit there and I have carried her around with me all day! I was so blessed!"
My dad has had a heart attack and like most people who experience that ..he cries at the drop of a hat! All he has to know is that Katie is going to sing and he starts sobbing! Well Luke and Annie both said that they felt like my dad and they couldn't fight the tears. That tells me that God definately has His hand on them and her and she is fullfilling the task that He wants of her right now..
As I sat there looking at my kids, I thanked God for them and that while I did try to raise them in accordance of His will, I failed miserably and not to long ago I was praying that He would at least harvest the seeds that I had planted but that He would do the job I didn't do.
In a time when kids are so disrespectful, so head strong, self willed..I have been so blessed to have three WONDERFUL kids! Everywhere I go someone is telling me how much they love my kids..What a compliment!!! Yes it took nearly 11 years to get Luke, nearly 3 more to get Kate and then God blessed me at age 39 with Annie! I cannot imagine my life without them.
Did I say that I love my kids??? lol Thanks for letting me share this and thanks in advance for the prayers you will offer up for all involved..Sue's surgery is shortly after 6 AM tomorrow. As I type this Katie is sleeping at their house so they can leave on time in the morning.
I guess I should mention my SIL Alan and my DH Jim who have watched over the Eli-boy without so much as a grumble so Katie could fulfill what she feels is a calling from God in this situation. I guess you just have to be in the middle of something like this to fully understand how God is in control....

And Life Goes On...Vicki

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