Saturday, March 14, 2009

Annie did it!!

She made Varsity cheerleading for her senior year!! Bless her heart she has been working like crazy to get into shape and to master her tumbling. Not an easy task for someone who is 5'9"...She has been taking lessons and practicing so hard.

She cheered her 7th and 8th grade and her first year at Shawnee High School but then transferred to Greenon and was not allowed to try out the first year there. Last year she just didn't try out so she was worried that she wouldn't make it. Whether you want to admit it or not..there is alot of politics in school sports and she just didn't think she would fit.

If you have not seen her, let me tell you , she is beautiful!! Not because I am the mom but because that is what everyone tells me, well maybe some because I am her mom! LOL . If you go back a few posts where I have a pic of her and Eli in the snow you will see for your self. Anyway, Annie has alot of spirit and a contagious smile. She is very precise in her moves so I felt confident that she would be noticed and survive the weeks tryouts. She did and she found out the night before her birthday!

Today she is 17! Where has the time gone?? It won't be long until the nest is empty but I know she loves us and will be seeing us alot when she decides to move on..until then I am going to try to concentrate on making all the time left of her high school good. But she is my change of life baby so it may not be as easy as I am thinking.

I would be posting pics but my printer is not acknowledging my computer so I have to remove the program and redo it but I cannot locate my disc. I guess I'm going to have to pray about that one

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