Thursday, June 2, 2011

New activity

I recently joined a group of ladies , most with blogs..I have always wanted my blog to be busy but I am not the creative person..I use page maps a lot and then change them to fit me but they get me started.  I am excited about learning from all of these ladies.

I used to be in a lot of Yahoo groups most of which just kinda went by the wayside so I am hoping that by participating in some blog hops or visiting a lot of new blogs and trying their challenges I will get myself motivated to do layouts and cards.

I have three grandsons for inspiration, my youngest daughter graduated last year and is just finishing her first year of college complete with sorority activities, I have 5 years of scrapbook retreats, a trip to Chicago and more to work on so there is plenty to get excited about..

I know my blog looks a little boring right now and not a lot of regular activity but if you are stopping by to check me out please don't blow me off because there is not  a lot here right now..I am going to make it worth the effort to check in..Thanks

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