Sunday, May 15, 2011

What a day!

Today, Luke, Monica and my boys came up for my Mother's Day. Nolan and I proceeded to make our Nobake cookies..He loves to help me stir everything up and Everett tossed in the stick of butter! They are growing like weeds and are just to darned cute!

Katie brought the Eli-boy over and spent some time herself before leaving for work..Then Alan came to pick him up. Annie is home for a very short period before heading back to OU..

I was told by three doctors that I would never have any children and just look at how God has blessed me!

I have spent the evening watching tutorials on my new Copic Markers..I swear that Youtube is a Godsend too! So many talented people out there willing to share their talents with all who are willing to watch. I am a hands on learner so watching them is like having them in my room teaching me..good stuff! Who knows I may be posting some pics of my new cards soon..:)

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