Saturday, March 13, 2010

How does it happen?

You have these babies and blink your eyes and they turn 18 and become adults!

I was shocked when at age 39 I found out I was pregnant with Annie. You see, three doctors in Cincinnati told me that I would never have children. We moved back to Springfield and the lady we bought the house from had gone to an infertility specialist and referred me to him. He ran some tests and told me that within five months I would be pregnant and sure enough five months later I was pregnant with Luke.

I went back to him and three years later Katie was born. We were moving along for about 7 years and the next thing I know I am 39 and pregnant! Talk about shocked! I mean this happened on it's own.
Even after carrying her for nine months it took me close to a year to remember her exact birthday! LOL and then she was born with brown eyes which is not unusual since her dad has deep brown eyes but my other two have my blue eyes! I tease her about it but I think she thinks it really bothers me..the fact is I love her to death and she is everything they say a change of life baby is...
But I am back to my question..How does it happen..that one minute she is a babe in my arms and the next she is 18, graduating and then heading to college?
Now my nest is going to be empty..How am I going to react to that?

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