Monday, July 14, 2008

God's Creations

I used to hate it when my Mom would constantly talk about nature and clouds and that kind of stuff but as I get to be the age my Mom was when she was so in tune with those things, I find that I am getting to be just like her!

When I am having a particularly hard day I find that God sends me an animal to enjoy or the clouds are incredible and I realize that HE loves me. This week alone I have been so blessed.

On Monday I was heading back to the house to get my glasses at 8:30 in the morning and a beautiful doe walked across the road in front of my car! She was so gorgeous and graceful. What a treat for that time of day. Usually they are seen at dusk. Two days later I was once again heading home and a spotted fawn came out of the cornfield buy itself. I was stunned to see it alone and wondered if it's mom had gotten hit by a car but I didn't see any deer laying by the road. As I passed it I looked in the rear view mirror and saw another fawn jump out from the cornfield..I turned my car around and hollered from the window to scare them back into the field because I was sure one or both would get hit. Yet another treat for this weary soul! I can't tell you the last time I saw a spotted fawn.

In the same week I was driving to my client's home and a red fox ran out in front of me and started running down the road in front of my car! It seemed like a long time before it finally turned and heading into the field. A red fox!!! I was so excited because you don't see them often at all.

Then as I was getting ready to leave my client's house on Friday, I started to my car and something jumped in front of me and startled me. The motion light came on and it was a huge toad! I think it lives in the flower bed because in the beginning of the season I was weeding the bed and moved a rock. When I did the earth moved and it startled me. I was thinking ..snake!! But it was the toad! It is amazing how the color of the toad and the color of the soil match.

My client lives in an old stone farm house and they added a room with loads of windows. Outside of that room is an old staircase make of huge stone slabs leading up to a set of patio doors. We watched as a chipmunk climbed those stairs and played on them and then shortly there after a baby bunny ran through the yard. I'm telling you it is wonderful there! I so enjoy seeing all of those animals running and playing.

Just outside the room are three bird feeders, two finch feeders and a hummingbird feeder. I have watched Mourning Doves, Red Winged Blackbirds, Canary and Barn Finches, along with the sparrows and other birds feed and bathe in the bird bath.

The farmhouse sits way back in off the road. You would never know it was there. It's like a little slice of heaven!

I thank God everytime I get to see one of His creatures. They sure bring me peace and pleasure in a very high paced time of my life. It's great to slow down and enjoy!

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